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if you die and nobody knows, do you really die?

First Post

Welcome everyone,

There are no rules other than those of livejournal. Feel free to post anything that helps you deal with your problem.

The guy I want to be with just recently went back to jail and I know it helps me to talk so that's what this page is made for.

I will start the posting with the first letter I am writing to him. Please don't feel that you have to post letters, you may post whatever you would like (and you don't have to be a member to post).

Well here's my letter:

This letter is going to suck, because I hate writing letters, but I am sure that will change over time. I’m not really sure what to write.
Will I be able to come see you? Have you talked to your girl? Also what does all this mean for us? Okay that’s the end of all my annoying female questions.
I wish I was in a better state the last time I saw you. I was worried that something was going to happen, so it freaked me out when you didn’t call the other night. I was also scared that you wouldn’t call me if something happened. The only good thing about the whole situation is that you will be getting out sooner.
I broke a lot of my personal rules by hanging out with you and I am glad I did. I promised myself when my ex went to jail that I would never be with anyone who had a chance of going to jail, but I really like you. I am really glad I met you. I feel comfortable around you, which is something that is really hard for me to say about anybody else in my life.
I am going to get an apartment with my friend Jennie, since I need a place to live and she has no problems with me talking to you. I am not sure what else I am going to be doing, but I know I’ll be in Orlando for a while. I love my job, and all my family is in the area. Also, I would like to see if anything could happen in between us.
This whole thing is kind of depressing. I want to be with you when things will work out, but it seems like everything in our lives is against it. I am not sure what’s going on with everything now. I still haven’t talked to Ryan and I am not sure I will. It’s all really confusing to me. I guess it doesn’t really matter right now anyways.
I am really going to miss being able to see you. Okay I guess that’s all I am going to write for this letter. I told you my letter writing skills are horrible.
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